I only paint lifesize or (much) larger.

dated 2003 until 2014 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Windsurf Boy


Portrait of my 19 year old son Boy .

Ced Ride!


Ced is the first artist from Curacao who has asked me to paint his portrait. He used it on the cover of his latest CD.

How high the moon?


Portrait of jazz musician Delbert Bernabela from Aruba.

Losing Gravity


A star from an other planet. Portrait of Alexander Petersen from Norway. Alex and I have something in common: the harmonica! Check him out on YouTube.

Life is good!


Portrait of Ernst van Vliet, windsurf pioneer in Bonaire & founder of Jibe City.

E Asuntu Di Florisol


Portrait of Co de Koning, initiator of the first Paipamentu translation of 'Kuifje'. A creation of the incredible Belgian artist George Remi ('Herge'). Finished in June 2008, but I've changed a couple of colors March 2010.

Windsurfing Nirvana


'Portrait' of a medical doctor from Maine, USA. On windsurf vacation in Bonaire. I like the man, I love the painting ;-)

The Archaeologist


Portrait of Dr. Jay Haviser: Henk, FANTASTIC!!! I am so very happy with this!! Cheers, Jay

Bonairian Bubbles


Portrait of Felix Faassen and his two favourite hobbies: diving and playing the Hammond.

Michael Gaynor


Portrait of Chat 'n' Browse owner Michael Gaynor. A man like a rock.

The journalist


Portrait of Boi Antoin. Published in Portraits of Bonare Vol. 2.

Southern Cross


Portrait of Carlo van Oosterhout by Bonairian starry night.

Windsurfing Heaven


Portrait of Martin Lane during a windsurfinf week at Jibe City, Sorobon.

The jibe


Portrait of Keke Dammers in action at Jibe City.

Fish for sale


Portrait of Doei Diaz. Published in Portraits of Bonare Vol. 2.Donated to Rotary fundraising.