1947 Born in the Netherlands. Autodidact.

1968-1999 Professional career in advertising as an art director, copywriter & creative director.

1999-now Living and painting in Bonaire.

2002 Publication of Portraits of Bonaire.

2002-2003 Exhibition at Flamingo Airport, Bonaire.

2003-2005 Large murals on Cultimara Supermarket.

2006 Publication of Portraits of Bonaire Vol. 2

2006 Solo exhibition Kas di Arte Bonaire.

2007 Participation in a group exhibition at Broadway Gallery, New York.

2008 Solo exhibition 'Indians of Bonaire' at Kas di Arte, Bonaire.

2011 Solo exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof, Curacao.

2017-2018 Executing 7 large murals inside the new prison on Bonaire.