1. Shoot a lot of picures.

2. Select the best one.

3. Crop it.

4. Print it.


1. Cut the right size.

2. Filling & sanding.

3. Two coatings of arylic wallsealer.

4. Draw a grid on the right scale.

1. Draw every detail by pencil. 2. Paint the first color (black).

3. Paint the second darkest color (dark purple).

4. Paint de third darkest color (violet).

5. Paint the fourths darkest color (light red).

6. Paint the fifth darkest colors (orange).

7. Paint the lighter colors one by one: light orange, yellow and the highlights allmost white.

8. Paint the hairs in 3 colors: dark blue, sky blue and mint. 9. Paint the beads.

10. Paint the sky and the landscape.

11. Finish the painting by a second coating or as many coatings that a color needs.